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What is a Virtual Data Room?

A virtual dataroom is a repository online which allows companies to securely share confidential information. It allows secure collaboration in a transparently protected environment. It also gives access to documents at any time from anywhere via a web browser or tablet apps. Its multi-faceted system of security secures online documents with encryption methods, dynamic tags, granular permissions settings and the ability to monitor the entire file’s activity during live sessions. Certain VDR providers also provide additional services that enhance data handling. These include redaction (blacking specific parts of PDF documents), fence view (shows only a small part of the document but does not allow screen captures) and multi-factor authentication.

There are a myriad of reasons businesses might require an effective virtual data room, but some of the most common uses of the use of a VDR include mergers and acquisitions, capital raises, due diligence audits, strategic reviews, and tenders. In addition to providing a high-level of security, VDRs are also cost-effective because they do away with the need to lease a physical space, hire a team to keep it under 24-hour surveillance, and pay for the cost of travel when potential buyers are looking over documents.

It is crucial to realize that not all VDRs are the same and the price/feature ratio differs greatly between vendors. It is best to choose an option that comes with an initial trial for free and a variety paid plans, so you can test out the software and compare features before choosing the best plan for your company.

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